Elliot’s passion for music has seen him involved in all facets of music creation, performance and production for half of his 24 years. His musical leanings began at an early age, having received training in classical guitar, trombone and tenor saxophone and later in contemporary guitar and songwriting.

Having been exposed to pop song structure, arrangement, harmony and layering at such a young age has allowed his future musical endeavours to facilitate and accelerate industry experience most veterans would envy.

His skill for transforming and innovating songs from their most basic forms is exemplified by his work with AYLA. Her first single ‘Wish I Was’ received considerable support from Triple J, being the 15th most played song of 2014 and the highest played solo female on the network that year. Her subsequent singles ‘Waiting’ and ‘When the World Ends’ have also received full rotation on Triple J, as well as sync on primetime national television and industry-wide recognition. His ear for strong singles can be identified with such acts as Battleships, Tempesst and Pilgrims.

His product to market strike rate is impressive with 10 tracks receiving airplay on BBC6, XFM, Triple J and commercial radio within the last 18 months alone. His ever-expanding network in the industry ensures that each song has the highest chance of finding its audience.

He has written, toured and received national and international airplay with his own writing across numerous musical projects including Pop Cult, Archdukes and feature vocals with ExExRevenge.

Elliot’s tireless work ethic and passion for creative expression coupled with a focus on a positive production experience ensures the highest quality product and an enriched, challenging experience for the artist.